Employee Tracking Software: A Payroll Service You Want

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Nothing erodes a business’ bottom line like payroll errors, and such errors can occur in a multitude of ways. Could you be overpaying (or even underpaying) your employees? Are you certain you accurately charge clients for hours worked on their projects? And what about those wasted hours no one can account for?

Fortunately, this is when timesheets and employee-tracking software can come to the rescue. If the following scenarios sound familiar, it’s probably time for you to consider employee tracking software.

The Clock-Watcher

If you have an employee who you suspect comes into work a little late in the morning, takes a little longer than an hour for lunch, and leaves just a few minutes before five o’clock, it’s time to put your suspicions to the test.

Employee tracking software can help with that.

The software is an easy way to keep track of how many hours your employees actually work, and makes sure you pay them accordingly. Stop spending your money on employees who aren’t putting in the time and effort. 

The Budget-Conscious Client

If you have a client that likes to know exactly how many hours are spent on their projects, employee-tracking software will give them the information they want. For instance, the use of timesheets and employee-tracking software make it easy for employees to track how many hours they worked on any given project. 

In addition, invoices that include the actual numbers of hours on any given project can be generated instantly, saving you time and money.

Employee Morale

While every business needs to watch their budget, most would agree that employees should always be paid for their time. And employee-tracking software can let you know who should be paid more.

By tracking employees’ hours, those who work for hourly wages can easily keep track of overtime, and management will have a record of extra time worked by salaried employees; this can be a big help for managers who need to figure out who deserves a bonus at the end of the year.

Wasted Time

Sometimes, even the most conscientious employee may not be entirely sure where that wasted hour went. By tracking time, employees and management can identify activities that may be hidden time-wasters, thereby improving efficiency.

What Kind of Options are Out There?

With dozens of types of employee-tracking software out there, you’re sure to find the one that’s right for your business. Options include:

  • Paper timesheets that can be entered by hand into a program that tracks time by employee and project
  • Complete systems that allow employees to enter time into a timesheet, which is automatically loaded into the payroll system
  • Mobile timesheets that allow workers to enter time via their smartphone, while in the field, to keep track of hours per project
  • Other "off-the-rack" and customized systems